Flexible Work Pods by Knoll

Ok, so these Knoll A3 work pods aren’t really “cubes”…which is why we love ‘em so much (check them out…the Knoll A3 product page is kinda buried on their site). Haven’t seen them in many offices yet, but we’re sure they’ll catch on. They provide just the right amount of private personal space…while having a small footprint and keeping the overall space light and airy feeling. It’s definitely a step away from the thick angular walls of a traditional cube. The tapering of each workpod on the top accentuates the feeling of privacy and even creates a small office-like feel. We love how they didn’t skimp on design too…allowing for a decent array of colors, pattern design options, and components. Although simple looking, it includes all the standard amenities of a traditional cubicle such as data and power conduits. Great work Knoll!

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