Personal White Noise Machine For The Office

Here at Workified, we talk a lot about solutions for cutting down office noise levels. But sometimes, it’s the silence that’s distracting. Bringing in some white noise or ambient noise can be the perfect solution to an overly quiet workspace. There’s tons of options out there…from hi-tech sounds that are scientifically proven to actually reduce overall noise , to sounds you’d normally hear at a spa for inducing comfort and relaxation.

Anyways, here’s an interesting little gizmo that can offer some white noise just around your desk called Gristleism. If this kinda thing looks interesting, you might also want to check out the buddha machine. We’re not really sure what these things are supposed to be used for, but someone suggested to us that it might offer some good ambient noise if tuned just right. Tuned wrong though, then you become the annoying officemate with the crazy noise maker.

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