Partitioning an Open Space

Open loft type office spaces are cool…but there are many instances where privacy and partitions are just necessary and unavoidable. So how do you create partitions without sacrificing the open office feel? Well, don’t break out the drywall yet…there are options.

On The Cheap

The Ikea Expedit is a pretty good and affordable option. The largest unit is about 6×6 feet and when filled with books, provides just the right amount of visual separation while still maintaining the open airy feel. For about $200, it’s a pretty decent solution.

Portable Walls

If you need something more portable, the folks at LoftWall has a pretty cool product. A very versatile freestanding screen that can be placed on casters. You can mix and match the screen designs and some panels can even do double duty as a whiteboard. Price ranges from around $1500 – $2000, depending on size of wall and materials.

Sliding Walls

Although this company is called The Sliding Door Company, many of their customers use their products to build full-on walls and rooms with their sliding walls…not just doors. I love the versatility in a product like this because it’s a pretty stationary wall, but the panels can slide and hide away to maintain the open feel of a loft. We were thinking about incorporating this system in our own office to split a room into 2 rooms, but we’re still saving up the coin for it. Please…announce an inventory sale!

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