Sleepbox…Sleeping On The Job

We’ve all felt it during the work day…sleepiness. It usually happens right around after lunch time. The food coma kicks in and productivity pretty much goes down the drain. We all deal with it differently…from downing a Red Bull…to taking a brisk walk around the building…we fight to shake of the foggy head and heavy eyelids. But why not just face the problem head on with the most simple solution…sleep? Can you imagine how much productivity would be gained just by allowing employees take a refreshing 15 minute midday power nap, instead of making “sleeping on the job” so taboo? What if companies even encouraged this behavior by setting up a room of sleeping stations?

Perhaps there are forward thinking companies already considering this (if so, please let us know)…and we’ve found the perfect solution for such a thing. These Sleepboxes by Arch Group are designed after Japanese “capsule hotels”, aimed at public facilities such as airports, train stations, etc. Can you imagine if these Sleepboxes were scattered around an office space and employees were encouraged to take naps? Sleep is a good thing, and we should try to figure out how to embrace it in the workplace.

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