Office Place Soundproof Rooms

Sometimes, you just need a dead quiet place in the office, and that place is impossible to find. Whether it’s for private phone calls, video conferencing, or to record a podcast…a fully sound insulated room can come in pretty handy for the modern workplace. But, sound-proofing a room doesn’t come cheap, and if you’re leasing the office space, the hefty investment is hard to justify.

Fortunately there’s some pretty good solutions for portable soundproof rooms that you can install anywhere in your workspace. They are called portable vocal booths. The 2 most popular brands that we’re aware of is Whisper Room and Vocal Booth. Both brands are very high quality and have multitude of options for size, amenities, style, and sound absorption. Some important options you’d want to look for are integrated lighting, power, and ventilation (it can get pretty stuffy in there without proper vents). These portable sound rooms are perfect especially if you have a short term lease and want to keep it as you move offices. Check out this video below describing some of the features of a portable sound proof room (courtesy

Are you using a sound isolation room in your office space…we’d love to see! Send us your stories and pics to!

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