Tick Tock Tick Clock

I’ve always been a huge fan of clocks in any space…clocks that span a meter, tiny cuckoo clocks, artsy desk clocks..time flies when you’re having fun. In an office, it adds form and function to a blank wall.  It’s the type of artwork that begs to be looked at…on the hour, every hour, so it better be a statement piece! For a modern office, let the clock speak for itself.  Tick Tock!

I’m Cuckoo for Cuckoo’s

Get whimsical with a cuckoo clock! These modern day cuckoo’s by Progetti puts a new design spin to an old favorite. On some of the models, the cuckoo is smart enough to chime only during the night, and adds a calming sound of falling water whenever the clock strikes. Pretty neat! Paolino & Fusi, the designers of these clocks, also designed the cuckoo clock found in Twitter’s office.

So, What Time Is It Again?

For an eclectic twist, a clock like Round Time Optical Modern clock designed by Rnd Lab, is especially dramatic on wall that’s painted dark brown or red.

Run Everyone! It’s a…Clock…

Lastly, this USB desk clock will either impress your coworkers…or scare them into thinking it’s some sort of time bomb. Maybe this would fun to plop on the desk on a rough work day. The cheapest of the bunch, you can get it for $70 at Brando.

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