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Coworking is redefining how freelancers and independent contractors get work done. In case you don’t know what coworking is, in a nutshell…”coworking allows independent workers to come together in a shared space to get productive.” Typically, you pay a membership fee, whether daily or monthly, and you get to work at an office alongside other coworking members.

It just makes sense. People can work from cafes, homes, or libraries only for so long, until they need an office space alongside other like-minded professionals to stay productive. And that’s exactly why coworking spaces are gaining popularity and popping in every major city. If you’re looking for a coworking space, we at Workified just started compiling a comprehensive coworking directory of every major coworking space around the world (ongoing project)…so go check it out and find a coworking space near you!

Anyways, here’s our top 5 list of reasons why you should start coworking!

Top 5 Reasons for Coworking

1. Productivity

Here’s the scenario: You’re working from home and there are multiple deadlines you’re trying to meet…but, you’re at your home office, the TV is on, the bed looks pretty inviting, the dog wants to play fetch, and you’re working in complete solitude, or worse yet, the kids are screaming and playing in the next room. How do you stay productive in that kind of environment?

Coworking is a pretty good cure for this predicament. A good coworking environment provides an office-like facility conducive to working. Sharing space alongside other like-minded coworkers provides a sense of discipline and encouragement. Much like a gym membership, a coworking membership buys the accountability and discipline that many independent professionals need to stay productive. The old adage is true, you can accomplish more together…than you can alone.

2. Professionalism

You just met a potential new client, and here’s how your phone conversation goes:

Potential Client: I just found your website, and we love your work. We’re totally looking for a reputable vendor that can implement that for us. You guys look very professional.

You: That’s good to hear!

Potential Client: So, can we set an appointment to come over to your office so we can go over the concept, the specs, and the work?

You: Umm, yeah, can we meet at Starbucks? That’s where I work from.

Potential Client: …yeah, let me get back to you on the appointment. There’s couple other vendors we’re considering right now. We’ll be in touch…(click)

Just like how you wouldn’t conduct business without the necessary equipment, cell phone, email, computers, bank account, software, etc…why would you do business without an office? Add a little professionalism to your business by conducting work at a real office environment. Coworking allows you to have a professional public face that augments your professional services.

3. Connect & Collaborate

Working alone is not fun, and usually, not really effective. Coworking not only offers space, but a community. By gathering together like-minded freelancers, entrepreneurs, and independent contractors…much synergy can be found within the diverse skill sets of the coworking members. Web designers can collaborate with web programmers…branding experts can collaborate with PR professionals…UI developers can collaborate with product managers.

A lot of people describe coworking as like being at a barcamp everyday! Well, we don’t know about that, but the core message is true. Coworking provides synergy and endless opportunities for its members to collaborate and work together on projects. Coworking encourages a certain level of diversity among members, while still targeting like minded professionals within the web/mobile industry.

4. Self-Enrichment

You’re smart, but let’s face it, you don’t know everything about everything! Self enrichment is one of the key factors that draws independent professionals to coworking spaces. The benefits to working alongside other intelligent coworkers is obvious in the area of self-enrichment.

In the world of agile programming, one of the core tenets is “Pair Programming”. This method teaches that by working alongside at least one other colleague in a co-located environment, your code becomes better, you develop solutions faster, and you learn more. This philosophy of “working together” is one of the main benefits of coworking.

Coworking recognizes this core desire of members for self-enrichment, and many coworking spaces setup meetups & workshops to specifically help achieve that.

5. Inspiration

Everyone needs inspiration. Whether it’s creative inspiration to design the next award winning website…business inspiration to develop the next Facebook…programming inspiration to write the next Ruby bytecode interpreter…or general inspiration to get outta bed in the morning and get to work…inspiration is a much needed commodity for independent contractors and entrepreneurs.

Once again, community is a great source of inspiration. Much like exercising, for most people, it’s often more inspiring running in a pack than alone, more inspiring lifting weights with several buddies than alone and unspotted, and more inspiring practicing pilates in a group rather than by yourself alone in the living room in front of the TV.

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