Workified Office Tour

So, Workified is actually a pet project of Methink Web Development Studio…so, this article is technically the “Methink Office Tour”. We’re a relatively small creative studio located in the heart of Pasadena, CA. Basically, the goal of Workified is to showcase today’s creative work spaces of companies big and small. Sure it’s cool to see the office environments of Google, Facebook, Twitter, (insert big brand name here), etc. But we’d also like to showcase offices of smaller companies that don’t have as big office design budgets. We’ve been so inspired by seeing many awesome offices of small creative companies…so we created Workified to help small companies showoff their offices and help inspire others. Work shouldn’t be dull…and offices shouldn’t be either.

Anyways, we realized that we fit this “small office” demographic pretty nicely…so we decided we might as well showcase our own work space if we’re gonna ask other offices to share about their spaces. So…here we go…

We occupy a 1200 sq foot space on the top floor of a 3 story building. When we were looking for space, we had 2 requirements. 1) Good natural lighting preferably with skylights. 2) Full kitchen. Fortunately, we found both our requirements in our present space. Ever since we moved in, we went through a multitude of design changes. Originally, we avoided cubicle-style partitions, opting for a more open collaborative feel. But we soon found the natural acoustics of the space was way too echoey. We compromised and found some partitions with glass panels that helped retain the “open” feel. We also designed and hand made some of our partitions.

What do you think? Like we said, we want to see and showcase YOUR office spaces! Email us at with some pics and a blurb about your office. We’d love to feature it in one of our columns!

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