Coloft Coworking Santa Monica

Company: Coloft
Location: Santa Monica, drug CA
Size: 3000 square feet

Coloft is an open environment coworking space located in Santa Monica. The space design was done by founders Avesta and Cameron, order and the core inspiration behind the design was to encourage community.

The community culture is very much reflected in the design of the space because it is a space that is open, vialis 40mg welcoming, and productive, with a creative flair. And that is exactly what the Coloft community culture is. Their coworking community comprise of a great mix of startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and independents. Founder Cameron describes, “We wanted to make sure that the space was welcoming and creative, but still highly productive. So the mix of colors, chairs, chalkboard, white boards, kitchen, lounge, etc., make it work.”

Within the 3000 square foot space, it has 2 large areas ideal for conference and event rooms. Having these large meeting rooms allows Coloft to further build their community by hosting events surrounding the LA tech startup scene.
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