Coworking Fort Collins: Cohere

Company: Cohere
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Size: 1100 square feet

Cohere is a membership based coworking community where creatively technical people come to work and collaborate in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The building was built in 1890, and it’s sustainable, with wind credits and a 40-foot skylight that eliminates the need for artificial light during the day. It has great character, with exposed brick and an open floor plan. Its 1,100 square feet include 12 work stations, two smaller areas to get away to make phone calls or have meetings or brainstorm sessions, a lounge with couches and comfy chairs, a loft called the treehouse that’s good for meeting deadlines.  The overall layout and custom ‘beetle kill pine’ inspired furniture was designed and built by Coloradoan designer, Drew of j+clayenvironments (

It’s hard to say what quirks our community has since all of the members bring a unique spice to the space. Cohere has found a way to let designers, developers, writers and free agents with widely diverse skills collaborate for the greater good of each member.

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