Geek Desk

If you’re into desks, you’ve probably seen this designer luxury desk before: The Milk Desk. It’s every Mac user’s dream…a desk that looks like it’s custom built by Steve Jobs himself. Elegant design, motorized height adjustable, clean lines, sleek, and sexy. You probably never thought you’d need a fish tank built in to your desk before, but one look at the Milk Desk, you realize that an integrated fish tank is a must have. But just like Macs, it’s a bit overpriced, street price ranging from $2500 – $5000, depending on options. Actually, we’re not even too sure how to purchase one of these.

Milk DeskMilk DeskMilk Desk

If you’re more a “PC type” mentality and looking to build your own perfect motorized height adjustable desk, we recommend taking a look at GeekDesk as a great starting point. Basically, GeekDesk sells height adjustable leg mechanisms at a very affordable price of $749, while allowing people to attach whatever desktop they choose. We at Workified love this idea! We don’t want to be just another design blog that shows-off these unobtainable dream products. We’d like to see what our readers can put together with something like this GeekDesk on a real world budget. (If you already have a GeekDesk DIY project you’d like to share with our readers, please email us at…we’d love to share it here!).


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