Seth Godin Says Goodbye to the Office

seth godin

In his recent article “Goodbye to the Office“, Seth Godin (acclaimed author & new media marketing thought leader) blogs about the death of the traditional office. In a nutshell, he explains that 150 years ago, offices made sense as that was the most efficient way to conduct business efficiently. Fast forward today with all the business tools we have access to, do traditional offices actually make sense?

This idea of working away from the office is definitely not new as we’ve seen this trend happening for quite some time now. Yes, it’s easy to demonize the traditional office environment, and we find today’s thought leaders are a bit too trigger happy to kill it off . Sitcoms poke fun at it, and it’s probably been the center of misery for much of the population…but are offices really the enemy?

Although we don’t necessarily agree that we can say “goodbye to the office”, we do see that offices need to evolve from the way they worked 150 years ago. Even as his blog suggests, people still need a place to work, and an office is as good a place as any. The trick is to understand what drives employee productivity, how technology changes our work habits, how work environments affects efficiency…and to evolve the office space to account for these factors.

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