Effective Workplace Perks

In today’s workplace, one of the challenges is keeping employee morale and productivity high. Companies are feeling the financial pinch, and employees are being tasked to do more with less compensation and support. So what’s the best way to keep employees motivated?

A recent national survey lead by Keurig in collaboration with Dr. Bob Nelson, a leading authority on workforce motivation, revealed that small office perks have a major impact in boosting employee morale. According to the survey, 3 out of 5 employees felt more motivated to do their best work when provided with small office perks. “Simple rewards can go a long way in attracting, motivating and retaining needed talent,” said Dr. Bob Nelson.

So what are good perks? Well, this survey revealed that employees really appreciated free gourmet coffee. Findings showed that

  • 37 percent of employees surveyed would prefer free, daily fresh gourmet coffee or tea over a company’s annual holiday party
  • 50 percent of employees surveyed reported they are looking to cut back their spending on coffee and tea in 2010 (outside of the office)
  • Surveyed Americans aged 18-34 report spending an estimated $440/year and over 38 hours/year on purchasing coffee and tea before, during and after the work day. Sixty percent said they would like to cut back their spending

Apart from free gourmet coffee, employers can offer other inexpensive workplace perks, such as flexible work hours and casual dress days, that can greatly boost employee morale. Does your office have cool office perks? Please share, we’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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