Coworking Grand Rapids: The Factory

Company: The Factory
Location: Grand Rapids, look MI
Size: 2000 square feet

The Factory, viagra 100mg a beautiful coworking space located in Grand Rapids, MI, is not just about sharing desks. They’re building community, making friendships and making Grand Rapids a cooler place to get work done.

Here are their core values:


When we work together good things happen. As we share our ideas, the
opportunity arises for them to be discussed, compared, refined and acted
upon. An environment should promote open collaboration.


Walls and cubicles hinder communication and sharing. When you share a desk
with someone you gain a unique opportunity to discuss. An environment
should provide a relaxed and inviting feel to drive openness among it’s
participants while remaining conscious of ones privacy and individuality.


If it takes a village to raise a child, why should a business be any
different? Whether you’re an independent worker or an employee of a large
corporation, a sense of community will enrich your work. A space should
foster an aura of comfortable integration; bringing various backgrounds
together to help people create, teach, learn and evolve ideas.


By providing a diverse environment we are all better able to understand the
demographics of the marketplace. Occasional challenges, misunderstandings,
and arguments may arise but it is key to sparking creativity and avoiding
groupthink. A space should bring together people with different ideas,
perspectives, and ways of working. New ideas. People from different
backgrounds and all different stages in their life and career.

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