Coworking Miami: MiamiShared

Company: Miamishared
Location: Miami, FL
Size: 8,000 square feet

Miamishared values innovative and creative , independant professionals. We embrace the idea of collaboration and inspiration. They were inspired by their own roots and this allows them to share many of the same growing pains and success stories with their fellow start ups and internet companies. What began as an internet company quickly developed into a unique work culture where many employees were already embracing the idea of open workspaces and collaborative initiatives. This inspired the CEO to create a hub where other young and progressive companies can also find an affordable space in which to grow their company.

The main concept behind Miamishared is to bring start-ups and internet companies together in an environment where each can learn, grow, and establish business connections from one another.  This is the backbone of Miamishared.  They continue their bi weekly Pizza Friday, and always add on additional events such as our Caribbean potluck and our Fiesta Friday. These events allow everyone to break away from their strenuous hard work and take a moment to get to know their coworking neighbors. They have been fortunate enough to say that most of the coworkers are familiar with one another and continue their connections beyond Miamishared’s complex. With this their initial target has been met , and new goals have been created. All to benefit the creative minds in Miami searching for a place to work freely.”

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