Fish Tanks For The Office

We love the idea of having pets and living animals in the workplace, and fish is a nice simple way to introduce new life into an office (yes, many offices can use some life).

Check out this company Spacearium selling these amazing ceiling mounted aquariums. Very cool how one of the intended applications is for a room divider. We can imagine some pretty cool ways to use this in an office setting to add life and color to a space.


fish tank room divider

If you don’t have the high budget for this level aquarium, we’d definitely recommend these convenient “all-in-one” package aquarium solutions called BioCube. These aquarium packages basically have all you need to get an impressive looking aquarium running right out of the box. Setting up a tank successfully can get pretty complicated, and these systems tend to help simplify the setup process. They come in various sizes and you can generally find them at your local pet shop. You can pick up a 29 Gallon BioCube System on Amazon for about $250.

BioCube System

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