Office Coin-Op Coffee Machine

Great coffee is a good workplace perk to have, but sometimes businesses on a budget just can’t afford to give away free coffee. A good solution might be to outfit your office with a coin-operated coffee machine. I know what you’re imagining. Those huge pricey vending machines that spits out paper cups and stale subpar coffee. Nope, we wouldn’t really recommend that for the modern office.

Keurig B200Fortunately, Keurig makes a product that blends the convenience of a single cup coffee maker with the functionality of a coin-operated coffee machine…all in one compact package. The Keurig B200 was built for small to medium sized offices, perfect for offices of about 30 people. This unit comes with some features not readily available on some of their home consumer brewers, such as the ability to plumb water in directly from a water line, thus eliminating the need to keep the internal reservoir filled up.

We had the opportunity to test this Keurig B200 in our office environment, and the feature we really loved was the coin-op vending kit available for this unit. Out of the box, the B200 works like most other Keurig single cup brewers. The coin-op vending kit just took about 15 minutes to install and configure. You can set the price per brew at anywhere from 5 cents to 3 dollars. We set ours up at 25 cents a cup, which we thought was a good way to subsidize the typical 50 cent price of the K-Cups. Overall, we think this is a great product for offices looking for an instant coffee vending machine. We can see many office environments where this would really work well, such as coworking spaces and shared offices. The wait time between brews is minimal, as the water heats very quickly in preparation for back-to-back brewing. Usage is very clean and simple as the only option available is for small or large mug. The only minor complaint we’d have is that for an office machine, the brew size would be a bit larger as employees generally want more drink in their mugs.

Sorry, we don’t have the price for the B200 or the coin-acceptor kit, as this is a commercial grade unit only available by Keurig B155 (priced at $250) or the Keurig OfficePRO (priced at $130).

Keurig B200 Photo Gallery

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