About Us

Here at Workified, we’re a team of people passionate about office and workplace design. Hopefully, this site will be more than just resources…but also a community where you can share, learn, and teach each other about the best practices and trends in modern office design. Feel free to email us at hello@workified.com with comments, feedback, and suggestions. Also, you can follow us on twitter @workified. Or, simply comment on the various articles…and we’ll see you in the comments!

Our Mission

Workified exists to help companies make their office environments a more productive and inspiring place to work. Many of us spend a majority of our lives at work…so why not enjoy it there? We want to offer resources and a community to learn and share about the changing modern workplace, trends in office design, and ideologies in work design.

What We Believe

Companies are beginning to see that making the workplace more enjoyable leads to happier employee, which leads to better quality of work. The best quality employees are in turn flocking towards workplaces that embrace the modern philosophies of providing a pleasant office environment. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, we hope you enjoy Workified and learn what the modern workplace is all about.