Showcase Your Space

The goal of Workified is to showcase today’s creative office spaces…big and small. Work shouldn’t be dull…and offices shouldn’t be either.

Whether you’re a big company rockin’ a 12,000 square foot warehouse office…or a freelancer with a workspace in the corner of your den…we’d love to see it and showcase it!

To Showcase Your Work Space

Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Email us at
  2. Include at least 4 pics of your space. Make sure it’s a decently high resolution (preferably above 600 x 800).
  3. Please try to give following details:
    • What is the company name?
    • What city is it located?
    • How many square feet?
  4. Write a little blurb about your space (e.g. what does the company value? what were some design concepts behind it? what are some quirks about the space or company culture? what inspired the space? what do the employees like/hate about it? etc). Basically, anything to help inspire or share with the Workified community.

Article Suggestions

Along with showcasing modern offices, we also have columns and articles dedicated to work life, office space design, office furniture, etc. If you have any suggestions about articles you think might be relevant…we’d love to hear about it! Email us at to give us your suggestions!